On the day of the 60th anniversary of the accession of Portugal to the UN, the Government reaffirms Portugal’s firm commitment to the values, principles and purposes of the United Nations Charter, adopted in San Francisco in 1945.

In the framework of the continuity, coherence and broad national consensus, which portray the Portuguese foreign policy, is it with full commitment that we advocate for an effective multilateralism, based on the centrality of the United Nations and on an international system founded on the respect for the international law.

The growing and diverse challenges, which the International Community is facing in the fields of peace and security, human rights and sustainable development, impose a shared responsibility and require joint responses. To this end, the United Nations embody the legitimate institutional reference that should also frame the regional and national actions.

Portugal has held its share of this collective responsibility, by making forces available to the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations and by participating regularly, actively and with recognized success, in the Organization main decision making bodies and in the broad UN System. It is also worth mentioning the successful performance of Portuguese nationals in high responsibility positions in the United Nations, who served and serve the purposes of the Organization, honouring Portugal.

At the moment we celebrate 60 years of the accession to the UN, the Government reiterates that Portugal will continue to contribute to the work of the United Nations so that the principles and purposes of the Charter are fully implemented, to the benefit of all the Members States of the Organization and of the peoples they represent.

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